"Think Spring" says the sign in front of Willis Elementary School on U.S. 221.

Isn’t working.

Yet another snow Sunday night.

About seven inches on the ground at the farm on Burk’s Fork Creek.

Light fluffy snow, the kind that slides off the roof during the night and sets the dogs off.

Cat tracks marked the path from the front porch to the gate but nothing else disturbed the blanket of snow this morning. It brushed easily off the Wrangler before I headed out the quarter-mile long driveway to Buffalo Mountain Road, stopping several time to shoot photos of the landscape.

A Southern Baptist minister who wandered through Floyd County in a tent show in 1963 called snow "the dandruff of the Lord." If that is true, then the Lord needs a good dandruff shampoo.

It’s been a long time since the county has slogged through this much of the white stuff during the winter months and winter ain’t over yet. A road crew had scraped Buffalo Mountain Road sometime during the night but ice and snow still covered the shady areas and the Wrangler slipped a few times as I made my way out to U.S. 221. Once on 221,

I slipped the transfer case out of four-wheel drive and managed a steady 50 miles per hour on a mostly-clear road, stopping at the school to get a picture of the "Think Spring" sign.

Just past Midway, a lone cow grazed in the snow about halfway up a hill. Another good picture, I thought, and stopped alongside the road to snap a few photos (or I guess I’m supposed to call them images since that’s what you take with a digital SLR).

A few cars slowed to gawk, their drivers and passengers wondering just what this idiot was doing knee deep in snow taking pictures so early in the morning.

The sun came out as I approached Floyd and stopped at West End Market for the usual two cups of takeout coffee. Not much traffic. Between the weather and the President’s Day holiday, this Monday would be a day to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature.