I confess. I am weak. No self-control whatsoever. Not when it comes to gadgets. Why else would I buy an Apple iPhone when I live in an area not served by AT&T, the sole wireless provider for the latest technological marvel.

No matter. Had to have an iPhone, so I plucked down cold, hard cash at the AT&T store in Roanoke and came hom with the darn thing. At first, AT&T wouldn’t give me service because I didn’t live in an area served by them but I explained that I did spend a fair amount of time in areas where their service does work (primarily Roanoke and C’Burg) and they went ahead and set me up.

Primarily, an iPhone is an IPod on steroids, complete with phone, Internet and email capability as well as the best video screen I’ve seen in a small package. I downloaded a recent video shot at an FCHS volleyball game and folks were wowed with the picture and sound clarity.

In Floyd, I use the iPhone’s Wi-Fi capability to surf the ‘Net and check email while in Cafe del Sol,  The Floyd County Store and other places with free wireless Internet. I plan to have Wi-Fi at our new gallery in The Village Green so I can use it while there as well.

An iPhone is also an instant conversation generator. Pull it out in a public place and folks gather around to ask questions. Call it a technology ice-breaker.