The crowd for Friday Night in Floyd turned out in force for the weekly Jamboree with a packed dance floor of enthusiastic revelers (above and left) and the usual appreciative audience for the street musicians outside (below).

With the new Hotel Floyd booked to capacity and a jam-packed weekend that includes the annual Arts and Crafts Festival at the High School, the Jamboree kicked off a busy time.

I chatted for a while with Mike and Ann Myers, a couple from the Atlanta area, in town to look at property so they can relocate from the urban rat race.  They have already checked out Abingdon and Beford and felt Floyd offered more of what they wanted. Check out Ann’s Great Pet Net cat site and blog. Mike is a software developer who feels Floyd has the right mix of country living and high-tech availability.

Like others who jammed the streets on Friday night, the Myers’ came for music and a good time and that’s exactly what they found.