Tom Ryan, late of the Harvest Moon (and multiple marriages) promised payback when I put a copy of his email tabloid, The Floyd Enquirer, on-line a few issues back. Tom is our kind of rabble rouser and a giftted satirical writer who decided it was time to comment on local bloggers.

To wit:

Bloggers, The Scourge of the Internet

A friend recently put “The Floyd Enquirer” on their blog site and, as recompense, I told them I’d return the “favor”.  Admittedly I don’t comprehend blogging.  In my tabloid I dump my angst & issues on a small unsuspecting audience……….. but bloggers invite active participation.  It reeks of socialism or some weird performance art.  Over a glass of wine, I realized that one of us is involved in fornication while the other is, well, typing with one hand…….. just can’t figure out who’s doing what to whom. Anyway, I invite you to visit a few of our local blog sites.  To give you a measure of their “warm & fuzzy quotient”, I’ve rated the sites using an easy to comprehend system:

“The Cute Puppy Rating System”

Colleen Redman:  she hugs the puppy, kisses it on the nose & is sad if she has to discipline it by shaking her finger at it.

Fred First:  he hugs the puppy, scratches it behind the ear & frames it in a Norman Rockwell painting.

David St. Lawrence:  he hugs the puppy but only after teaching it to sit in an authoritative voice……

Doug Thompson:  well….. Doug, he strangles the puppy & then eats its liver.

He forgot to add that I prefer my doggy livers with some fava beans and a nice (non-alcoholic) Chianti (with apologies to Hannibal Lecter).