We speed headlong towards Saturday’s opening of Blue Ridge Muse the Gallery with multiple problems beyond our control: Vendors with backorders, weather-related delays and the usual last-minute glitches.

UPS notified us this morning that the track system for hanging framed artwork and photographs is stuck in the midwest by weather. The system, ordered from ASHanging.Com in Canada, was supposed to be delivered today. It won’t make it until Monday.

Likewise, furniture we hoped to have in place was damaged in shipping and replacement won’t be here until next week. So we are scrambling to put temporary tables and chairs and hutches in place for Saturday’s Grand Opening of both the gallery and The Village Green.

We will be open Saturday at 10 a.m. for the grand opening celebration of Village Green but will close again until our final fixtures come in next week and we can put everything into place like we originally planned. My best guess is that we will be open on a full schedule by December 1.