Recently downsized Roanoke Times columnist Joe Kennedy resurfaces again Wednesday with the Roanoke Star-Sentinel, a new weekly which its owners say is:

A subscription-based, ad revenue supported weekly paper that will
reach a prescribed dollar and engaged citizen demographic in the
greater Roanoke Valley community.

The roster of columnists includes Floyd’s own Fragmented Fred First who has found a new print medium to recycle blog posts along with, we hope, some new material.

It’s good to see Joe surface again.  Ousted from the Times as part of their "early retirement" buyouts this year, Kennedy fell victim to the growing control of the bottom line and corporate dominance of daily journalism. All one has to do is look at the coverage of Southwestern Virginia by the Times of late to realize how much the paper misses the tireless work of Paul Dellinger, another buyout victim.

And our congrats to Fred on his new gig: The Star-Sentinel launches with a lot of hope and fanfre with a target demographic of upscale Roanokers and a yearly subscription fee at a time when most new weeklies give away the paper and hope ads will pay the bills.

Although Kennedy’s popular blog remains on line, it’s future at this point is uncertain. Unlike the rest of us, Joe apparently knows the dangers of spreading one’s self too thin.