A day after Floyd Countians woke up to icy roads, Friday turned unseasonably warm, just in time for the annual "Dickens of a Night" celebration downtown.

Yet the warmer weather did not translate into larger crowds than previous years. Perhaps three straight weekends of events in Floyd had drained the energy of potential attendees.

Still, those who did venture out on Friday night were treated to a variety of musical offerings, including a Christmas concert of bells (above) in front of the courthouse. At noteBooks, local authors gathered for a book signing but falconer and author Lee Chicester’s falcon stole the show.

The Dickens in the event’s name comes from Charles Dickens and locals are encouraged to dress up on Dicksonian-era costumes to celebrate the evening and the Christmas season.

Some do (right) and some don’t but a number of fully costumed revelers could be found around town.

We kept our studio open late and a steady stream of well-wishers, browsers and customers wandered through during the evening.

Yet, in a season when malls in the region are packed on a Friday night, you have to wonder why the streets were not that full in Floyd.

As mentioned earlier, the Dickens celebation came on a third straight weekend of festivities, including the 16 Hands Tour weekend, Winterfest and the Christmas Parade.

Too many activities for a small town? That’s a question that event sponsors will have to consider in planning future events. Such activities are good for an area with a growing retail and tourism base but perhaps better coordination with other events would benefit everyone. (Additional reports at Loose Leaf Notes and Ripples.)