Delegate-elect Charles Poindexter, the Franklin County Republican elected to represent Floyd, Franklin and part of Pittsylvania County, dropped by the Board of Supervisors Tuesday to offer his outlook for the upcoming legislative session.

Poindexter talked a lot without saying much. After a 30-minute spiel to the board before lunch, he returned in the afternoon to go over the county’s wish list with the Board. Yet in 90 minutes of talk, our new delegate-elect managed to avoid taking a position on any of the issues that affect Floyd — no position on local taxing authority, no position on road improvements, no position on mandates.

On the issue of improving Rte. 8 through the county, he asked the board is they were willing to take the risk that such improvements might bring: traffic, subdivisions and uncontrolled growth but he never said how he felt on the need for road improvements.

Ah, politicians.