Crawled into my Jeep Wrangler this morning to find a "12" staring back at me from the Virginia Vehicle Inspection Sticker. The inspection expired at midnight tonight.

Time to check out the new owners of our local Jeep dealer, which is now called "Harveys Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep."  No problem. They took the Wrangler right away. I knew a right rear tire was getting thin of tread and told them to replace it with the spare hanging on the rear deck.  Turns out the front brake pads were also thin so they needed to be replaced as well.

So I walked down the hill to meet Bernie Coveney for breakfast at Blue Ridge Restaurant. An hour later, the Wrangler was ready, good to go for another year. Cost? Far less than most dealerships.

Looks like the names may change on the sign but most of the crew at the dealer are the same faces we’ve known for years and the excellent service continues.