Grayson County’s Buck Mountain Band brought its traditional Blue Ridge Music to the Friday Night Jamboree in Floyd this week but some in the crowd noticed the banjo picker on the end looked familiar from another venue.

Yes, that’s Amy Boucher, wife of Congressman Rick Boucher, on banjo and vocals. Amy is an alternate on the band when needed and she filled in on stage while Rick was speaking at an event in Patrick County..

Seems like the stage of the Floyd Country store is becoming a favorite haunt for politicos. Just before last November’s election, Gov. Tim Kaine and former Gov. Mark Warner jammed with the Jugbusters on the jamboree stage.

Unlike Warner and Kaine, Amy Boucher actually knows her way around stringed instruments and she can sing.

Wasn’t planning to go to the Jamboree this Friday night but ran into the Bouchers at breakfast in the Blue Ridge Restaurant that morning and Rick mentioned in passing that one of the reasons they were in the area was because Amy was playing that night. They also stayed at the new Floyd Hotel in the Floyd County Store themed room.