We last drove our Jeep Liberty in May while on a short trip up to Arlington. It sat in the garage from then until Friday night when, after hitching a ride with a friend.

Of course, the battery was dead. Called AAA.

“We’ll be there in 90 minutes or less,” they said. Friday evening in the Washington area. Ninety minutes if considered express service.

True enough, the AAA truck appeared 87 minutes after the call. Hooked up the hot shot box and the engine fired up right away.

“I’m surprised,” the driver said. “Usually when one of these newer cars with all the electronics had a completely dead battery, the electronics get scrambled and you have to take it in.”

Make the 45 minute run out to Dulles Airport and back — always a good trip to charge up a dead battery. Stopped for gas. Took a chance. Turned the engine off. Held my breath after filling the tank. Turned the key. Engine fired right up.

Headed home for a short sleep before getting up to pack the SUV and head back to Floyd.