Stopped by Cafe del Sol this evening for a coffee and some traditional country, swing and bluegrass from Mike Mitchell, Mark Lewis (above) and Abe Goorsky (left).

A typical Friday evening in January: with a crowd that started small but picked up later in the evening along with good company, great music and a relaxing evening.

Relaxed by the music, I headed for dinner at the bar at Pine Tavern for Tom Ryan’s mixture of masochism, mayhem and mendacity. Tom has captured most of the old Over the Moon crowd since the very public soap opera called his divorce and now holds court over the Tavern bar on Fridays and Saturdays with both Moon ex-pats and some newcomers. You might say Tom’s regulars are masochists but remember that sadists are people who do nice things to masochists so the formula works and it keeps Ryan off the streets on weekends.

Tom also uses the venue for auditions for the next ex-Mrs. Ryan which provides entertainment value to the verbal acupuncture.

You could all it Von Ryan’s excess…or you could just call it what it is: Fun.

And the food is good too.