Phil Francis the duplicitous superintendent of the Blue Ridge Parkway, has assured Congressman Rick Boucher that the out-of-control Criminal Interdiction Team of the Park Rangers will not be back at FloydFest this year.

Take the promise for what it’s worth. Last year, Francis told Boucher the CIT unit was not dispatched to FloydFest in 2007 even though the Parkway’s chief ranger had already admitted the unit was present and operating.

Francis later called Boucher back and said he had "misspoke," which is bureaucratic slang for "I got caught in a lie."  Francis also claimed two widely reported incidents, one involving Floyd County Sheriff Shannon Zeman and the other a run-in between a over-zealous Park Ranger and me, never occurred.

Which tells me Francis is a serial liar. if he said part of the Parkway runs through Floyd County (which it does), I’d confirm it with a second source.

We’ll see what happens at FloydFest later this year.