Master guitar maker and picker Wayne Henderson brought his wife Helen White (right) and keyboard maestro Jeff Little (below) to a sold-out audience at the Floyd Country Store Store Saturday night for a foot-stomping mix of old and new music.

The show, rescheduled from last year because of weather, mixed country, bluegrass and even a little jazz when Little pounded out a great rendition of Dave Brubeck’s Take Five.

Henderson opened the show playing on one of his own guitars, the 400th one built in his Grayson County shop where he has turned out instruments for musicians ranging from Doc Watson to Eric Clapton. Demand for a Henderson guitar, based on the the design of Martins from the 1950s, Clapton had to wait his place in line. It took Henderson 10 years to deliver that order.

"This was number 400 so I decided to keep it for myself," Henderson said of the guitar he used on stage Saturday night.

"And how long did you have to wait for it?" The question came from Helen.

"I figure about 31 years," Henderson replied.