The re-repaired Canon EOS 1D Mark III arrived via FedEx this afternoon, just in time to for a scheduled basketball game at Floyd County High School but I never got the chance to test the camera at the game because the approaching ice storm forced a postponement.

The camera arrived exactly two weeks after I sent it off the first time for what was supposed to be a routine upgrade to fix an autofocus problem that some photographers were experiencing in certain conditions (mainly bright sunlight in hot weather).  It came back last week with a new sub-mirror assembly but brain dead with a shutter that wouldn’t fire.

As a working pro photographer, I’m supposed to get expedited turnaround from Canon on repairs to equipment but two weeks without a functioning camera is hardly what one would call expedited.  They first took a camera that worked and turned it into one that didn’t. Then it took three phone calls to the repair center in New Jersey to keep the repair on a semblance of fast-track.

This was my first experience with Canon’s repair service since switching from Nikon in 2004. Hopefully this was an exception and not the norm.