The predicted ice storm did hit overnight but it is still too dark to determine the extent in the area. Floyd County Schools are closed today, which means the basketball game that was postponed from last night to tonight will have to be rescheduled again.

Probably means a slow day for opening of Nancy’s Candies at Village Green in Floyd although the temperature right now if 31 and expected to rise quicky through the morning with clearing and sun expected by mid-afternoon.

Power still on. Usually the first thing to go when ice hits. Didn’t wake up this morning to the hum of the generator running. Maybe that’s a good sign.

Update: So much for good signs. Power went out around 9:15 a.m. Generator kicked in automatically. According to AEP web site, more than 2,000 customers in Floyd County without power (about 25 percent of all customers). More than 6,000 homes and businesses are powerless in Southwestern Virginia.

UPDATE 2: AEP restored power to our area at 2:45 p.m. Some areas of the county still out but sun came out and melted a lot of the ice.