The buzz aound Floyd for the past few days has been the strange case of Jeffery Martin Young, a 30-year-old county resident charged with assaulting a Slaughter’s Grocery Store employee last week with his car and a club.

Now a White Jeep Wrangler owned by Young may be the vehicle that ran down and killed Roanoke County attorney Thomas Farrell near Starkey last week.

Young wasn’t driving the Wrangler when witnesses said he roared out of a parking spot at Slaughters on Jan. 30 and struck one of the store’s employees as she left work. He then attacked her with a club before workers at the store and county deputies subdued him and packed him off to jail.

On Monday, Roanoke County police located a White Jeep Wrangler owned by Young. It has damage on the front and shards of reflective material that came from the running jacket worn by Farrell.

According to witnesses at Slaughters, a number of customers drove off without coming to the woman’s aid when she was under attack in the parking lot.  Bad enough that we may have a killer among us. We apparently have cowards as well.