Decided to catch a movie (Cloverfield) in Christiansburg while Amy did some shopping and bingo. As luck would have it, had some last-minute drop-ins that prevented leaving the studio on time.

The Regal Cinemas web site showed Cloverfield starting at 5:05. We left for C’Burg at 4:45.  By the time we hit 460 it was 5:10.

No problem. Learned long ago that the Regal multiplex in Christiansburg shows at least 15 minutes of previews before the show starts.

At 5:20, with large drink and medium popcorn in hand, walked into the auditorium. Previews still running.  Had time to fine a good seat, put away coat, drink and popcorn, turn to rest room, and return.  Movie started at 5:35.

Oh yes. Enjoyed the film. For some reason, watching skyscraper size monsters destroy Manhattan is usually entertaining.