Floyd’s Town Manager may be headed for the door after a year on the job.

Rumors have circulated recently that Mike Maslaney is about to leave the job he took last Spring but those rumors became public Tuesday while Maslaney delivered his monthly report to Floyd County Supervisors.

Little River Supervisor Virgel Allen asked Maslaney if rumors that he was leaving were true.

Maslaney stared back at the board like a deer caught in headlights on a country road.

Finally, he stumbled over an explanation, saying that "the town board and I are discussing changes that would best serve my needs."

The affable Maslaney is a high-profile town manager, often seen out and about checking progress of the  the downtown revitalization effort, jawboning with local citizens and usually wearing a broad smile.

But the smile masks a difficult time dealing with the town’s less than proactive council where some members see progress as a threat to their little turf kingdoms. Others have criticized Maslaney for what they see as a conflict of interest: he is a partner in the Village Green project and served as chairman of the management team that oversees the revitalization grant.  Others cringed at Maslaney’s high profile in a post where the previous job holder also mowed town land and worked on the trash collection truck.

Most, us included, applauded Maslaney’s approach to his job. He is guiding the town through a difficult period. His departure, if one is imminent, will be a loss.