The pain started in she right arm a couple of weeks ago — a dull, throbbing ache that would at times shoot down from the shoulder to my elbow.

Figured it was muscle strain. Spent the day before lugging a 400mm lens and camera around the Parkway. It would go away.  It didn’t. Got progressively worse and, by Thursday of this week, I could hardly move the arm. Pain my right leg as well.

Called the doctor. Come in, they said. Right away.

They ran a battery of tests and at the hospital in Galax.

Conclusion: Tendinitis in the arm along with tennis elbow and arthritis. Short-term solution: a shot of steroids in the arm, a brace on the elbow along with heat wrap therapy and a lot of Ibuprofen.

Long-term solution: Surgery. Rotator cuff surgery on the right shoulder, more surgery on hip and ankles.

If I were a horse Amy would have shot me a long time ago.