Colleen Redman over at Loose Leaf Notes reports overhearing this exchange at the Floyd Post Office:

Animated Woman: If Obama is president the black people are gonna take over. They’ll line us white people up and shoot us.

Postal Clerk: I think you should go home and go back to bed so you can wake up again.

Good God. We hoped that kind of red-neck ignorance had long vanished from the landscape but apparently it hasn’t. When Hillary Clinton surrogates like former vice presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro and Philadelphia Governor Ed Rendell offer up racist comments as part of a choreographed campaign of fear mongering it is little wonder that ignorant comments like the one Colleen overheard at the post office still exist in our society.

 Racism has long found its roots in the ignorant who fear what they don’t understand and manifest that fear in hatred towards others.

It does not belong in Floyd County, it does not belong in Virginia, it does not belong in America and it certainly does not belong in our political system.