First they thought it was tendinitis. Then they said no, it was a torn tendon. After my right arm went completely numb during last Saturday’s state basketball final in Richmond the docs sent me to a specialist in Roanoke who said no, it was a nerve problem.

He put me through a set of nerve tests Wednesday that included sticking pins in my arm and concluded that at least 40 percent of the nerves in the arm aren’t working like they should.  Back into the MRI for scans of my backbone and neck, where two vertebrae were fused together some years back.

Seems the large number of broken bones in my body  have calcified, now encroach on nerves and cause pain, then tingling and then loss of feeling. At one point at the game Saturday, I had to strap my hand to the camera to keep it in place to press the shutter.

Solution: Lots of shots of steroids to try and break up the calcium, followed by something called "sonic therapy" to try and use sound to activate the nerves.

At one point during all this I asked the doc: "What’s next? Amputation?"

He didn’t laugh. He didn’t even smile.

Uh oh.