Our cars have elaborate alarms, a throwback to the days in Northern Virginia where car thefts are a daily hazard. We seldom use them around here. No need.

Sometimes, when I get out of the Wrangler, I accidently arm the alarm by hitting the button on the remote. That apparently happened Thursday when I parked in front of the studio at Village Green.

Worked late Thursday night and when I opened the door of the car the alarm went off, screaming like a banshee and sending beams of lights into the night.  I punched the button on the remote to turn it off but nothing happened. No light on the remote. Dead battery.

I retreated back into the studio to ponder my next move while the Jeep sent out warning siren screams and flashed its lights for all to see and hear.

I looked out the window to see a Floyd County Sheriff’s deputy walk out of the dispatch center across the street.. He stopped, looked at the car with its wailing siren and flashing lights, then got into his patrol car…and drove off.

I dismantled the remote, took out the battery, cleaned the contacts and rubbed it against my jeans a few times and put it back in. Success. A green light. I pointed it out the window at the screaming Jeep and the night went quiet.  Locked up the studio, fired up the Jeep, and drove home.