Spent the morning paying bills with Bank of Floyd’s new online banking.

Excuse me, did you say online banking at The Bank of Floyd?

Yep. Online banking has finally arrived at Floyd’s hometown bank.

When we opened our household account in 2004, the lady who took care of the paperwork said online banking was coming "soon."

"Soon" turned out to be nearly four years but "soon" was no doubt driven by construction of that new First National Bank of Christiansburg branch on Main Street. The Bank of Floyd didn’t face much technology competition from Carter Bank & Trust (formerly Blue Ridge Bank) which doesn’t even have automatic teller machines and tell you they’re proud of it.

But many who have recently moved to Floyd (us included) were used to the convenience of online banking with other financial institutions. The delay in implementation by The Bank of Floyd was frustrating.

Their implementation of online banking is straightforward and easy to use and they have an impressing level of security, requiring more complex passwords than most banks and requiring that passwords be changed every 90 days.

Can’t speak for others but the convience is appreciated at Chateau Thompson.