Amy is a fan of mystery writer Nancy Bartholomew, so I was surprised to find, via Technorati, a reference to Blue Ridge Muse, on Bartholomew’s blog, Naked on Rollerskates:

I always check out Doug Thompson’s blog.  His pictures were the initial draw but his fearless confrontation of local injustices and bigotry is always cogent and succinct.  What I’m trying to say is, he doesn’t take s**t off nobody! (I like to imagine him as a loveable curmudgeon…with a torn rotator cuff.)

Bartholomew lives down the road in Greensboro, NC, with her two teenagers, four dogs and a "completely insane cat" and pens zany mysteries like Stella Get Your Gun. She describes her books as "action adventure novels about strong women with take-charge attitudes and kick butt talents."

She also has a cabin in Franklin County and is a fan of local author Fred "Fragments From Floyd" First and he doesn’t even have a torn rotator cuff. (Book cover image courtesy of Amazon)