Times of crisis bring out the best of people. We’ve watched with pride as Floyd Countians rallied to help the Cantrells and the Harmons when their children faced their battles with brain cancer.

We see it now in the efforts to help Lydeanna Martin in her fight with another form of cancer.

Local musicians are teaming with country music star Rhonda Vincent next month in memory of Robert Pauley, who died in a motorcycle crash last year. Proceeds will benefit Medical Charities of Floyd.

On a smaller, less threatening level, I see it from friends who have offered help while I recover from rotator cuff surgery scheduled next month. Offers to mow our massive lawn, take care of the studio, run errands, assist in typing and help with photographic work have flowed in.

Thanks to all who have offered help. It’s much appreciated and I hope I can return the favor some day.