Figured everyone would be headed to the new Indiana Jones movie Friday so it seemed like a good time to take in Iron Man, the Robert Downey movie that has critics raving.

With soda and tub of popcorn in hand, settled into comfortable seat in the Regal cineplex at New River Valley mall. Fifteeen minutes of previews followed by a crossover ad on the upcoming film Get Smart that was really an AT&T Wireless promo with a message to "please turn off your cell phones."

Followed by a second, less-subtle, notice to "silence your cell phones in the theater."

And a third message advising us to "please turn off your cellphones."

I leave my cell phone in the car when I go to a movie. Others obviously do not. Cell phone use in movies has become such a problem during movies that some theaters want to jam signals to them and others have programs to remove customers who use them during a movie.

Nobody’s cell phone went off during Iron Man. And it was a very good film.