The gas price at a Shell Station leading into Christiansburg was $3.84 as we drove into the town Thursday afternoon.

When we drove out three hours later it was $3.89.

At a gas station in Roanoke last week, the price was $3.75 when I started pumping the gas and changed to $3.79 as soon as I finished.

It will most likely be $4 a gallon in our area by early next week and in some places, it is already headed for $5. The photo here was taken by the Associated Press in Redwood City, California on Thursday.

It’s interesting that when the price of a barrel of crude oil rises on the international market, the price at the pump increases immediately. But when the price of crude drops, it takes days or even weeks for the reduction to show up at the pump.

Our gas credit card bills are now our largest monthly cost, surpassing electricity, food or health insurance. Meanwhile, oil company profits continue to reach record highs  while oil executives come up with the same tired excuses.

What is the old line about the rich getting richer while the poor gets poorer?