Blame it on the heat, the water or the times. Something is generating violence among Floyd Countians.

Three weeks ago, police charged 19-year-old Pfc. George D. McConald,  from Floyd, with stabbing and killing a fellow Army recruit in his barracks at Fort Benning, GA.

A little over a week ago, Floyd County Animal Control Officer Garland Nester pulled his gun and started shooting at a cow that wandered off his land and wouldn’t return and killed a neighbor who was coming to help.

Now police are seeking an 18-year-old Floyd County man suspected of gunning down 39-year-old Sean Neumann near Check.  The manhunt for Joshua Jonathan Hairston is in full swing. While driving down Alum Ridge Road Friday evening, Amy saw a cop in what looked like full western regalia walking along the road with a rifle. This came after several police cars from different jurisdictions passed her.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Stephanie Shortt says domestic violence calls are up. She says the blame may lie with high gas prices which keep people home and give them more time to get on each other’s nerves.

But one person killing another is rare in our part of the world. To have three Floyd Countians involved in the taking of another’s life in three weeks is way off the statistical chart.