Figures. The incredibly high temperatures and humidtiy around here are finally dropping and I’m headed South in the morning to Atlanta — better known at "Hotlanta" to the natives.

Whatever the temperature here is over the next few days, you can bet it will be 10 to 15 degrees hotter (with humidity to match) in Georgia.

I’d rather stay here and enjoy the cooldown, but work beckons down South and I promised a friend I’d help out in the brand new city of Johns Creek, GA, just north of Hotlanta. Besides the fee is nothing to sneeze at.

The drive is not that long, only 64 miles further than driving from Floyd to Washington — a short hop on U.S. 221 to Hillsville, then I-77 to Charlotte and I-85 to the Duluth, GA, exit and less than 10 miles into the Johns Creek. Should take about six hours.

With luck, I’ll be back in time for the Rhonda Vincent benefit concert on Saturday

Stay cool. It will be easier to do that here than in Hotlanta.