Damn. Wanted to get home in time Saturday to attend the Rhonda Vincent concert at the high school.

Didn’t make it.

Late leaving the Atlanta area. Traffic heavier than expected until Greenville, SC, then it finally cleared out. Stopped at Spartenburg again for gas ($3.75 a gallon this time, down four cents from Wednesday). What a difference 100 miles makes. The same brand selling for $4.09 in Duluth, GA.

Picked up time between Greenville and Charlotte. Cruise control at 75 and never had to let up until traffic picked up about 10 miles west of Charlotte. Heavy then all the way to Lake Norman.

Just as traffic cleared, a storm hit. Heavy thunder and lighting. Sheets of rain. Speed slowed from 70 to about 35. Poor visibility. Hydroplaning. Counted four cars off road in a 20 mile stretch. One jacknifed semi.

Sun peered through the coulds just south of the North Carolina-Virginia line but wet Interstate all the way up Fancy Gap Mountain. That plus a Virginia State Trooper driving 60 in the left hand lane caused bottleneck all way to the U.S. 221 exit at Hillsville.

Stopped to top off the tank in Hillsville. $3.95 a gallon.

Raining when I hit Floyd. Rhonda Vincent concert scheduled to start two hours earlier. Thoght about driving directly to high school but legs cramping and a headache from driving through too many storms. Drove directly home. Laid down on couch, slept for 13 hours.