Floyd County Sheriff’s Department Chief Investigator Jeff Dalton says I didn’t drive fast enough in trying to get from Atlanta to Floyd Saturday in time for Rhonda Vincent, the top act to crown the end of Crusin’ for Charity bike ride Saturday.

"You didn’t get any tickets so you could have gone faster," he said.

True enough but I managed to break the traffic laws in four states, averaging about 75 miles per hour in an attempt to get back in time for the show but storms in North Carolina and Virginia doomed any chance of arriving  on time.

Rain forced Vincent inside to the Floyd County High School audiitorium but Jeff said the moderate-sized crowd enjoyed the show in spite of oppressive heat in the non-air conditioned venue.

Rain also caused some of the bike riders to, as Dalton described, "wimp out" and head home early, including Sheriff Shannon Zeman.

Those who didn’t let the rain faze them arrived in Floyd (below) in time for the show that included local acts Mark Lewis & Friends and Bernie Coveney & Friends.

(Photos by Jeff Dalton)