Floyd’s public restrooms, AKA The Timber Frame Outhouse, opened with little fanfare on Friday, July 4, and closed on Monday, July 7.

Seems there was a floor that needed resealing and a leak that had to be fixed and the town council is still debating what color to paint the timber frame.

It should be open again on Friday but we’re told Town Manager Mike Maslaney is talking about having the facility open ONLY on weekends because the town may not have the personnel to keep the public johns clean or open during the week.

Let’s see. The town built a public restroom but didn’t have a plan for keeping it clean? Nor did they really know what hours it would be open to the public it is supposed to serve?

Maslaney tells me the town never planned to keep the public johns open 24/7, which means that if you have to go after hours you may have to go behind a building in town and do your business. No wonder the bushes behind some of the buildings in town are looking a little worse for wear.

We’ve seen this before on too many occasions. Somebody gets a grant to build something but they don’t get around to developing a plan on what to do with what they build. Heck, The Jacksonville Center has lumbered along with this "get the money…we’ll figure out a plan later" philosophy for years.

Our tax dollars at work…or not at work…or simply not working.  Floyd’s downtown rehabilitation project is, for the most part, a great thing but good ideas can be destroyed when you don’t have a plan.  The money may have come from the state but it was still funded by our tax dollars and it is past time for our elected, and appointed, officials to start demonstrating more accountability to the public they are supposed to serve.