Floyd’s music venues were busy Friday night, proving all the music wasn’t just on the street Bob Grubal’s group entertained diners at Oddfellas Cantina (top) while the young group Statement (right) opened the Friday Night Jamboree with an hour of Gospel Music. At Cafe del Sol (below) Abe Gorski and Scott Patrick provided tunes fo rhe java crowd.

The music contines tonight with Statement at Oak Grove Pavilion at Zion Lutheran Church, Sway Katz’s big band sound at Pine Tavern and The White Top Mountain Band at the Floyd Country Store.

Guess music in Floyd isn’t just for Friday nights any more. Saturdays are becoming a main movie night as well.

And, for those who are keeping track of such things, the town’s new public restrooms, AKA The Timber Frame Outhouse, was open for business Friday night and, we are told, will be open again tonight.  We still don’t know what the hours will be on a continuing basis but will let you know when we learn.