Mowed the yard, also known as The South 40, Thursday. With all the rain and a busy schedule, it was the first cutting for a month. Which means I had to mow each section twice.  When it was over, there was enough grass on the ground to rake and bale.

Some people look at the three-and-a-half acre front yard and ask "why do you mow it all? Hey, this is Floyd and the neighbors get testy if your lawn looks ratty. Besides, the expansive yard was one of the reasons we bought the house four years ago. It takes about four hours to finish the yard and the 275.5 feet of road frontage.  The lowest section is more wetland than yard and the grass is always wet, even after a week of no rain.

But it’s worth it. We love our home and the life here. Wouldn’t have it any other way.