Dennis and Linda Wagner, our self-appointed guardians of all things Floyd, are launching a new blog, which they say they will call the "Town Crier" and, they claim, will tell the real story about what’s happing in our fair town.

This tidbit of information comes from the folks at Winter Sun, which found one of Linda’s screeds posted on their bulletin board and passed it on to Tom Ryan and I while we were having coffee recently at Cafe del Sol. They handed over the single sheet of paper and said "we don’t want crap like this on our bulletin board."

Most of the screed was from a post of Linda’s that I deleted from Muse because it contained, as usual, unsourced and unverified charges against a former town official and played fast and loose with the truth. The Floyd Press curtailed her tirades in the letters to the editor column some time ago for the same reason.

Linda added a new paragraph saying I was a egomaniacal drunk who didn’t allow differing points of view on Muse — just the kind of inaccurate reporting we’ve learned to expect For the record, I’m an egomaniacal "recovering" drunk who has been sober for 14 years, two months and 28 days (as of this writing). Anyone who thinks we don’t allow different points of view on this site is not a regular reader and needs to go back on their meds.

Memo to the Wagners: If you plan to publish a blog, learn the meaning of the word "accuracy." Over the top hyperbole that is short on fact serves no cause but your own agenda of bitterness and most people in Floyd dismiss such ravings for what they are.

Activism can often serve a useful purpose in a town, county, state or nation but only when activisim is constructive rather than destructive. Starting a fire in a backyard so that smoke drifts over a Chamber of Commerce outdoor reception at the nearby Hotel Floyd (as the Wagners did recently) is hardly constructive. Putting speakers in the trees in your backyard and turning them up to full volume with a self-righteous radio talk show host screaming out anti-government rhetoric (as they did the next day) serves no useful purpose either and only makes people mad. Filing a noise complaint against Scott Perry simply because he is playing and singing at an outdoor event at the Hotel Floyd is sophomoric at best.

I’m as critical as anyone about some of the actions of Town government but I believe the members of the Town Council and the town officials, for the most part, care for what’s best for the town and try to do a good job for the citizens. Some are friends of mine. Some I have known since high school. I own a business in the town and have a good working relationship with the Town Manager, who is also one of my landlords at The Village Green.

Does this mean I’m easing up on criticism of town government? Not at all. When I see a problem I will write about it. But if gadflies whose nuisance value outweighs any chance for constructive change forces me to choose sides then I will side with the town without a second’s hesitation.