The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality is trashing Floyd County for not keeping up with Commonwealth’s standards on recycling.

In reality, the county is trashing itself.

Reports The Roanoke Times:

Floyd County will need to do some trash talking with the state about the county’s apparently lackluster recycling program.

According to a report released this past week by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, rural Floyd County recycled only 11 percent of its solid waste stream in 2006.

The DEQ’s annual report calculates recycling rates for communities and regions across the state. Statewide, the recycling rate increased from 32.2 percent in 2005 to 38.4 percent, an increase that David Paylor, DEQ director, attributed to "the continued support by Virginians for recycling in their communities."

State law requires the recycling rate for Floyd County and other areas of low population density to be at least 15 percent. The gap means county officials must now submit to DEQ a "recycling action plan" that will identify possible remedies.

Floyd County’s low recycling rate surprised Sherrell Thompson, its recycling coordinator, who said he thought the county "was doing better than that."

Let’s see if we have this straight: The county’s recycling coordinator says he "thought" the county "was doing better than that?"  He thought? Isn’t it his job to know how the county is doing?