Yes, that really is a giant banjo that Floyd Country Store owner Woody Crenshaw is hoisting and he and a work crew get ready to mount the huge instrument on the front of the store

Fabricated in the workshop of Crenshaw Lighting, the banjo is the latest addition to the facade of the site of Floyd’s famous Friday Night Jamboree.  Crenshaw says the two-sided instrument was part of the original plant for the facade renovation of the store and they mounted the thing Thursday night — just in time for the weekly jamboree the next night.

It wasn’t easy. With electrical wires hovering too close, Crenwshaw and his crew carefully maneuvered the banjo into place and on to three pegs.  It took a number of tries and false starts and they broke a tuning stem in the process but put it back into place with a drill and glue.

The only thing that remained to be seen was how many people would notice it the next day and during the Friday Night Jamboree.

Many did and most declared it a welcome addition to Floyd’s music culture.