Republican John McCain’s selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate, along with the election is general, is lighting up the local blogosphere with three Floyd County writers weighing in on the process.

Blogging dean and self-professed tree hugger Fred First weighed in first, questioning Palin’s positions on environmental issues. David St. Lawrence — whose political philosophy is at the opposite end of the extreme scale from Fred — chimed in next, saying she would make the Presidential race interesting. Then Colleen Redman, another local liberal, joined the fray, commenting on the "failing of Sarah Palin." David has fired back with more pro-Palin posts and Fred has noted that Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama doesn’t fare well with Wal-Mart shoppers.  This election has certainly stirred emotions.  I hear heated debates over breakfast at Blue Ridge Restaurant and over coffee at Cafe del Sol. A debate over the Presidential election erupted into a shouting match Sunday night at Oddfellas Cantina.

Expect the rhetoric to heat up even more between now and the Nov. 4 elections along with political activity in our little corner of the world. Obama organizers came to town last week to organize local Democrats. Rumor has it that Mark Warner will be back sometime soon to campaign for Obama as well as for his run for Senator.

It will be fun watching this local drama play out over the next seven weeks. Stay tuned.