It didn’t take long for word of the porno video that popped up in the middle of a Floyd County High School assembly on drunk driving to circulate throughout the area. I received the first call from a student before the session in the auditorium ended (it seems a number of FCHS students have my cell phone on speed dial).

By 4 p.m. some 23 messages had arrived on my Blackberry. The story circulated on the streets outside the Friday Night Jamboree and over dinner at local restaurants. A student who works at one local establishment showed me a photo on his cell phone of the letter sent home with students. Another had a short video clip of the reaction of students inside the auditorium.

In a county where even rudimentary sex education is frowned upon in public schools, word that a few seconds of a video clip depicting anal sex popped up on screen in the FCHS assembly fueled the gossip meals. A few local ministers preached against it from the pulpits on Sunday.

The incident, no doubt, will overshadow everything else on the agenda of Monday’s school board meeting. FCHS principal Barry Hollandsworth promised parents a "complete investigation" into the matter.

Several readers have pointed out that what happened at FCHS has happened elsewhere, most recently in Phoenix.

While it is obvious that someone wasn’t on the ball when it came to keeping an eye on a laptop computer used for the SADD meeting, we should avoid premature speculation or assignment of blame or fault until all the facts are known in the case. Hollandsworth and School Administrator Terry Arbogast owe the public a full and complete explanation on what happened and how.  The person or persons responsible for placement of a pornographic video on a computer used in a school function must be dealt with swiftly and harshly.