Stan Hawkins, a Floyd County High School teacher, assistant coach and advisor to Students Against Destruction Decisions (SADD), is on leave until an investigation determines how a few seconds of a pornographic video ended up on the screen of a SADD assembly last week.

Hawkins was not at school Monday and the teacher will not return until an investigation by FCHS principal Barry Hollandsworth and School Superintendent Terry Arbogast is complete.

During a SADD assembly in the FCHS auditorium Friday, a few seconds of a video clip showing graphic sex scene appeared on the screen instead of a drunk driving video on the DVD in a laptop computer used for the program.  The pornographic video was on the laptop’s hard drive, school sources say.

Hollandsworth took control of the laptop following the assembly. It is not clear at this point if the laptop was one the school issued to a teacher or privately-owned.

The incident, first reported on this web site, has sparked a county-wide debate and rumors have flooded the county. Roanoke media descended on Floyd like locusts in a feeding frenzy Monday, attending the regular monthly meeting of the county school board where the incident was not on the agenda but may have been discussed in a closed-door "executive session."

When Hawkins was not at school Monday, rumors circulated that the long-time teacher and coach had resigned but school officials denied the rumors. Arbogast told reporters Hawkins is on leave and remain on leave during the investigation. The school superintendent would not say if the leave is paid or unpaid.

Arbogast said the investigation will be complete by the end of the week and promises a full report to "my community."  Hollandsworth will not comment on the incident.