An internal investigation by the Floyd County Public School administration has cleared high school teacher and coach Stan Hawkins of any responsibility for a five-second pornographic video clip that was accidentally shown to students at a Students for Destructive Decisions (SADD) seminar last Friday.

In a letter to to all parents and students of Floyd County High School, superintendent Terry Arbogast said:

We found that a five second video clip of a pornographic scene was unknowingly saved to the hard drive of the laptop computer assigned to the club sponsor. This occurred in the summer time, off school grounds during non-school hours. We determined the club sponsor did not have any knowledge of this occurring.

Furthermore, we have no found any evidence of other staff members or students involved from Floyd County High School. Finally, there was no evidence of any additional pornography on this computer.

Hawkins is the faculty sponsor of SADD but was not operating the computer during what was supposed to be a DVD video showing on drunk driving.

Arbogast’s letter continues:

The DVD video was originally played using using the Windows Media Player software. Within a few minutes into the DVD, the video stopped functioning properly. In an attempt to continue playing the DVD, the Media Player was closed and another software media player, Real Player, was opened. Instead of playing the intended DVD, when the play button was pressed, the inappropriate video clip was displayed because Real Player played this video clip by default.

I talked with Dr. Arbogast at the 8th Grade/JV football game at FCHS Thursday and he made it clear that, despite what at least one Roanoke television station is reporting, the investigation is not over. In addition, he states clearly in the letter that "we have taken this incident very seriously and will continue to investigate."

I congratulate the school system for taking swift action to investigate this matter and to clear Coach Hawkins. Unfortunately, some had already concluded that the long time teacher and coach was guilty before the facts were in. That was the failing of those who jumped to conclusions and reflects badly on them.  I’m personally sorry that some attempted to use this web site to dredge up an old grudge they had against Coach Hawkins and I removed more than a dozen comments from those who made accusations that either had nothing to do with the issue at hand or which were potentially libelous.  Like anyone, Coach Hawkins deserved to be considered innocent until proven guilty.  He has been found innocent and I’m glad to see the school system take decisive action to protect his name and reputation.

A copy of the letter from Dr. Arbogast appears below: