The experts who know about such things say a full fall foliage this year could be iffy, given the three-year-long droughout and the cooler weather lately that has fooled some trees into dropping their leaves ahead of schedule.

Still, there’s hope for a lot of color:

Reports WDBJ:

Chris Thomsen of the Department of Forestry says there is some evidence of stress on the trees, but the nearly four inches from Faye slowed that down.  However, it’s still unclear whether this year’s fall foliage will make a full comeback.

"The moisture may be the critical thing this year, and I’d say right now we’re kinda in limbo as whether it’s going to affect the fall foliage colors severely or not," says Thomsen.

Some of the trees in the woods on our properties began dropping leaves three weeks ago.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

(Photo from last year on the Blue Ridge Parkway)