Got a chance to revisit the past and show off some old photos Wednesday in a presentation to the Danville’s Wednesday Club, a ladies organization with a long history in that Southside Virginia city.

Most of the time, I prefer to concentrate on the future but going through 40 years of photography to put together a PowerPoint presentation to show to others is a good chance for reflection. I picked 115 photos to show, including a shot from Falls Church, VA, four days after the September 11, 2001.

As I hobble around today on bad knees, a bum hip and two reconstructed ankles, I do ponder the age-old question: Was it worth it?

Damn right it was. I’ve been lucky enough to spend my life doing something that I love. I decided to become a photographer at age 10 and love photography today as much as I did 50 years ago.

Fred First spoke to the group a year ago and told me the ladies at the Wednesday Club were an appreciative audience. He was right. I really enjoyed the day in Danville.

Thank you, ladies, for the memories.