At a benefit fundraiser Saturday night, I ran into an older woman with a sneer in her voice.

"I have a rule in elections," she said. "I don’t vote for anyone whose name I can’t pronounce."

"Oh," I asked, "McCain is that hard to pronounce?"

"I’m not talking about McCain," she sneered again. "I’m talking about the one with the un-American name."

The un-American name. Wow. In a nation founded by immigrants, I had to wonder: What’s an un-American name?

McCain is Gaelic — Scotch-Irish. Palin is English. Her descendents landed in England after the Norman conquest. Biden is another Scot.

That leaves Obama, the one with the African surname, the one the woman said had the "un-American name."

She’s just another honkie in the woodpile, spewing her racist venom: Don’t want no colored folks in the White House unless they’re mopping the floors and washing the dishes.

God. Such people make me want to vomit all over their lilly-while view of the world.