In a recent piece about the compromises of rural living, I make the following observation:

Need a prescription filled on Sunday? Gotta find a chain store in Roanoke, Christiansburg or Hillsville.

Not so, says George Fetko, the pharmacist and owner of Floyd Pharmacy. He has an special phone number for emergency prescriptions and will come down and open the store on Sundays and evenings to fill one. The emergency number, which is also listed in his Yellow Pages ad, is 745-2297.

George handles all our prescriptions and we’ve found him to be the best pharmacist to work with after living in three states and dealing with a lot of pharmacies. His prices are almost always lower than the chain drug stores and he is always on the lookout for generic drugs to substitute for the ones the doctor prescribes. Often, he has called one of our doctors to recommend a less-expensive generic drug.

My apologies to George and The Floyd Pharmacy for overlooking their emergency service. My bad.