Voters in Virginia’s Fifth Congressional District may have sent another embarrassment to the Commonwealth packing: Virgil Goode is 648 votes behind in the latest count from the State Board of Elections.

If the totals hold, Goode may join former Senator George Allen in the dustbin of histoy and Congress will lose another bigot and agent of intolerance.

The count is not final and the race has gone back and forth since Tuesday but results over the last two days have trended in favor of Thomas Perriello. The race was one of the nastiest in Virginia with Goode constantly attacking Perriello as "a New York lawyer" who is "too liberal for Virginia."

The good news out of this is that the results show political dinosaurs like Goode have become too conservative for the new, more enlightened Virginia.

Goode has brought shame to Virginia on the national stage with his anti-Muslim ravings and outright racism. While such white sheet tactics may have worked in the past in his Franklin County home, it does not sell as well with recent changes in the demographics in the former base of Virginia’s Klan activity and it’s not playing in other parts of the Fifth Congressional District.