With so much going on at the Chantilly Bluegrass Festival Saturday it was hard to figure out what to shoot on video and photography.  After a cool start in the morning the weather turned nice and a large crowd turned out to listen not only to bluegrass music but also recitals by students and performances that included classical and jazz.

Unfortunately, a overly-enthusiastic young clogger tried dancing on the field recorder I used for video shooting and turned it into junk but a backup for recording audio came through and I could salvage the sound for some six hours of shooting.  It will take some, though, time to edit the video but here’s a short piece.

A great day and congratulations to Dave and Gaynell Larsen, Jason Gallimore and the rest of the staff for a good event.  The crowd got to hear the public performance of “Chantilly Shuffle,” a song composed by Bernie Coveney for the event.