Driving home Saturday night after running some errands. The 60s channel on XM. Suddenly, I realize the voice on the radio is very familiar.

My God, I thought. It’s Cousin Brucie.

And it was. Bruce Morrow. I remember his voice well from the 60s when I used to take high school dates up to Rocky Knob Overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway, tune in WABC in New York and, well, er, make out.

Not sure kids make out any more. Nowadays they call it "hooking up" and it involves a lot more than the hesitant gropings of the 60s where success was measured in baseball terms (1st base, second base, etc.).

Cousin Brucie and WABC ruled top 40 radio in the 60s and a good AM radio could pick up the New York station at high places like Rocky Knob. Sometimes we would listen to Dick Biondi on WLS in Chicago.

After 40 years, Cousin Brucie is still with us. He has a three nights a week gig on Sirius satellite radio and with the XM-Sirius merger, he is now on XM as well.

 Time to take the wife to Rocky Knob?