On Saturday, I missed photographing the best game the Floyd County High School varsity football team has played all season.

I missed it because I’m entering my fifth week of battling pneumonia and couldn’t chance standing out in the freezing cold of a football field on a Saturday afternoon. I missed it because I’m an idiot that hasn’t listened to his doctor about the dangers of trying to come back too soon from a disease that has laid me low for three of the last four years.

For much of my life I’ve defied the odds and come back from injuries and diseases that should have put me in a graveyard. I’ve always been able to bounce back and work while injured or sick.

No more. As my 61st birthday approaches in less than a month I have to realize that the body is not as young or a resilient as it used to me and that this cat may have used up most of his nine lives.

I had planned to return to work on Monday. Now it will be at least another week, Dec. 1, before I can be fit enough to tackle a full schedule without tiring too easily. I hope to be fit enough to shoot the state semi-final game at Floyd next Saturday but that will be possible only if I do very little over the next week.

Even when I do return to the semblance of a normal schedule, I need a severe lifestyle overhaul. Less fatty food, less caffiene, more exercise and a more moderate work routine.

There’s a sign on the door of Blue Ridge Muse right now. It reads: "Temporarily closed because of illness."

I need to make sure "temporarily" does not turn into "permanently."